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Rievaulx Abbey


Rievaulx Abbey,Rievaulx Abbey, YO62 5LB map


The majestic, almost regal, appearance of Rievaulx Abbey looming from the depths of a narrow river valley symbolises the power and importance of monasticism in medieval England.Founded by St Bernard of Clairvaulx this enormous Cistercian house, numbering some 150 monks and 500 lay brethren at one time, was the nucleus from which several other northern abbeys were colonised.

Although the early 13th century church - reputed to have been one of the finest monastic churches in the North - remains substantially intact, less than half of the outbuildings, recorded at the time of the suppression in 1538, are still in existence.

Across the 15 acre site, there are many outbuildings standing to a good height and virtually the whole range can be identified at foundation level. Another of the impressive architectural treasures still very much in evidence, apart from the abbey church, is the monks' refectory. This beautiful dining hall, some 124ft (37.5m) long and an amazing 50ft (15.2m) high, was supported by an undercroft built into the terraced ground. A good deal of the arcading, and several of the gracefully, arched lancet windows of the refectory survive to give a clear indication of the former glory of this communal hall.

Fragmented sections of the ancient precinct wall can still be seen, although depending on the time of year, they are often obscured by spreading climbers and over zealous weeds. On one occasion when we visited Rievaulx Abbey in the spring, we are able to capture this colourful image of delicate, deep pink blossom bursting over the crumbling stones.


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It's a fact

Sqdn Ldr. Jack Currie was a famous WW2 bomber pilot who lived in our area. Some time after leaving the RAF he got a job as an instructor with the Home Office Defence School situated at Hawk Hills, Easingwold. During these post war years he decided to write his memoirs of his wartime experience as a pilot of a Lancaster Bomber. This book had the title of \"Lancaster Target\" which became very popular and sold in the thousands. He wrote this book whilst visiting the George Hotel in Easingwold in the evening whilst enjoying a pint. Sadly he died much too soon and is now at laid at rest in Easingwold church cemetery where one can view his unusual gravestone which mentions the fact that he was a famous wartime pilot and author. His funeral service was attended by hundreds of people, including the members of the BBC who produced a film of him being interviewed in respect of his wartime period when he was stationed at Wickenby in Lincolnshire.

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