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The Medieval City of Troy Maze - one of ony two remaining in the whole country!

The maze is located on a quiet road about 5 miles east from Easingwold

Spectacular view towards the North York Moors!

City of Troy Maze


Dalby Rd,Skewsby,


A strange mediveal maze cut into the turf at a scenic location near the village of Skewsby.

Apparently these were common throughout England but this fine example is now one of only two left in the whole country.

The exact use of these mazes is now lost in time.


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Visit The George at Easingwold, and enjoy an inn renowned for its accommodation, fine food and friendly staff. You are assured the very best of Yorkshire hospitality,more.


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It's a fact

Squadron Leader Jack Currie DFC, the famous bomber pilot, who wrote the greatest wartime book about bombing operations during WW2 is buried in Easingwold Church Yard. He settled at Easingwold because he was then an instructor at the Home Office Civil Defence School, Hawkhills, nearby. He wrote his book over many years whilst enjoying a pint in the George Hotel and was a very likeable local character and his description of flying on bombing missions is unparalleled. He was also featured in a BBC Documentary titled "The Lancaster Legend".

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